Yesterday's Books, Today's Treasures

CYRANO'S a small bookbindery is named after CYRANO the cat, who was named after Cyrano de Bergerac. Cyrano the cat had a very long nose like his namesake.   He was rescued from a pet store at the last minute and went on to live for 19 happy full years.


 When I opened my book shop  I wanted a name that was synonymous with the  renaissance era, the time of great beauty in book binding. I knew it needed to be a short name and memorable.   Using Cyrano's Image  as well as his name was a no brain-er.  

Part of my binding business has to deal with illustration.  When I have a book that has a torn

illustration page,  I put my skills to work and recreate that page. Occasionally I receive requests to have illustrations made of photos, usually a pet or a loved one, and even buildings.   Check out my Illustration page for further details.

In my shop there is a retail lobby where  my Blank Journals are on sale. Mostly one of a kind, from simple to elaborate, some with jewelry pieces and beading to enhance their artistic appearance.

My books are made with acid free products, Leather,  Tapestry, Cotton cloth, Hand made papers.

At this time I am don't have them for sale on my web site, but that day will come. 









C Y R A N O ' S