The Bible below is a classic example of an old leather book that was never oiled/treated to keep the cover flexible.  This Bible was broken into four sections, the spine was in five pieces, ( the spine had been glued to the pages at the time of binding), each time the book was opened it  put stress on the spine, over time cracking and breakage occurred.  When the cover spine is glued to the book block (pages) it not only stresses the cover but in most cases breaks the thread the book block was sewn with and tears the pages of the book  which was the issue with this Bible, belonging to The Daniel Boone Family.



Overhead look at new underspine, resewn book block pages. Nicely realigned pages.

Cover with new leather underspine

Cloth Headbands, Super, Ribbon replaced


Signature pages being resewn​


Rebinds : Reinserting the book block (pages) back into the original cover, possible End Paper repair or replacement.


Repairs covers a pretty wide range of issues from popped off covers, torn pages, hanging spines, Dog chewed covers or  pages,  loose pages needing resewn, to  coffee stained pages.

At right is a before and after of a popped off cover.  Basic repair for an old book bound in leather.  If you don't keep leather conditioned it continues to shrink over time and the cover will break in its weekest  place, the spine and cover board alley.  

Repair After

Repair Before

Rebinds, Repairs, Restoration